The 2020 NFL season will be chaotic- and that could be exactly what the Raiders need to slip ahead in their division.

1. Josh Jacobs rushes for over 1000 yards

Josh Jacobs rushes for over 1000 yards

The jury is out on whether Josh Jacobs will suffer from the dreaded sophomore slump in 2020, but what if he does the exact opposite? In fact, what if the former Alabama alumni can rush for another 1000 yards this season and places in the top-ten in the league this year? Not only would that be game-changing consistency for the Raiders, but it could lead to a playoff spot as well. 

In the end, this is going to require Richie Incognito and the rest of the offensive line to create holes for Jacobs to tear through, but that’s not an impossible task. Furthermore, the Raiders pulled it off last year and while it didn’t result in many touchdowns for the team, Jacobs did average 4.7 yards a carry, which is very impressive in terms of moving the chains. 


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