Finding a Hair Salon with which you can identify and from which you can walk out fully satisfied is more difficult than it has any right to be. However, difficult doesn't mean impossible.

Are you looking for a new hair salon?

Then you are in luck, because here at Vegas411 we are going to tell you about the best hair salons in Sin City.

Here are 6 amazing hair salons in Vegas!

2. Atelier by Square Salon

Atelier by Square Salon

Atelier by Square Salon is another Las Vegas hair salon that prioritizes the importance of the experience. Getting your hair or make-up done at Atelier by Square Salon represents more than a simple beauty procedure. When you walk into Atelier by Square Salon you walk into an establishment that is staffed by masters of the trade. No matter what you ask of them, they will deliver a first-class experience.

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