Do you know you can make off-menu orders in specific restaurants in Vegas? Well, blow your date’s, friend or family mind away by ordering these off-menu meals from the following restaurants:

2. Mama's Meatballs at Carbon Italian Restaurant

Mama's Meatballs at Carbon Italian Restaurant

Italian restaurants are known to provide impressive off-menu delicacies, and Carbone Italian Restaurant is no exception. This joint is located at 3730 Las Vegas Blvd. It's famous for its to-die-for meatballs. The off-menu delicacy is borrowed from the owner's mother's recipe, and clearly, she did not disappoint. These meatballs are curved from ground pork sausage, beef, and veal. They are then are combined with sautéed garlic, onions, parmesan cheese, panade, and parsley. Soon as you set foot at the restaurant, the servers will inform you about this meal. 

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